Ben Woodworth

09/30/2020, 7:00 AM
Hi! I'm trying to install the IDEA plugin (idea-plugin-1.4.10-20200928.154707-13.jar), but after installing it from disk and restarting IntelliJ, I'm getting an error. Am I doing something wrong? (I'm using IntelliJ 2020.2.2 with Kotlin 1.4.10)


09/30/2020, 9:20 AM
Hi @Ben Woodworth, to install Arrow Meta IDE Plugin is necessary a ZIP file
Your trace is complaining about a missing Arrow Meta Compiler and the ZIP file contains all the libraries that Arrow Meta IDE Plugin needs to work

Ben Woodworth

09/30/2020, 8:12 PM
Thank you! I didn't know about the setup guide, and was just going by the arrow-meta and arrow-meta-examples GitHub READMEs
Now I'm playing around with coercions, and I'm having trouble getting it working. I'm using the same build.gradle/ as arrow-meta-examples, and I based the code off the prelude test cases Here's the error I'm getting when I build with Gradle:
Figured it out! Had to add a package declaration to the file (and internal to line 6)