I looked into the ΛRROW Meta issue tracker and it ...
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I looked into the ΛRROW Meta issue tracker and it seems that ΛRROW Meta does not work at all with Kotlin 1.3.70+: https://github.com/arrow-kt/arrow-meta/issues/554 Notes for other people approaching ΛRROW Meta naively, like me: •
does not exist, so don't waste time looking for it based on the discussions on Slack. • For updated information on the status of ΛRROW Meta, better check the issue tracker.
IR is broken in that version of Kotlin it calls plugins in the wrong order
until they fix it we can’t upgrade
and there is work to do, Arrow Meta is still experimental
Thanks for the reply, Raul. I understand that. I was very confused because of the references to 1.3.70-SNAPSHOT here and there. I attempted to follow the instructions given in those discussions, without success or feedback, until I checked the issue tracker. Currently, I'm checking if I can build my application with Kotlin 1.3.61, after all.
yes, those were attempts to make it work
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but IR fails with unbound symbols
so it does not let you modify trees coming with references to third party libs
because they change the order in which the IR extension is called before they bind third party symbols
compiles and generates wrong bytecode
Thanks again for the feedback.