Hi @here I will be heading a Kotlin summit in Egyp...
# arrow-meta
Hi @here I will be heading a Kotlin summit in Egypt and am asking if you have Arrow resources or slides to share to introduce Arrow to the developers in MENA
Thank you for sharing. Any of those could be considered as introduction to Arrow and functional programming, as my audience had no experience in both?
To be fair, me too have no experience in Arrow. Do you have a codelab to share?
Can we do MVP, MVC, MVVM with Arrow? Or does it have its own architect?
I have seen you also shared a doc for test, but also is there a codelab for that to share?
There are many tutorials in the Arrow site and Blog. If its an audience that uses Kotlin already following something like https://arrow-kt.io/docs/patterns/error_handling/ may be better suited
Also there is a lot of content here https://arrow-kt.io/blog/ that may inspire you to pick a topic. Most talks have an introduction about what is Arrow and you can see how others have presented during the last couple of years
You can follow any architecture you want with Arrow but it favors those that use immutability