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01/30/2021, 10:26 AM
I want to create line paths on a map like in the screenshot. The requirements are: • Stroked sould be possible (like the red one) • Path shouldn't do hard brakes. • More than one line next to each other, following the same path Because Im trying to achive this during a short game jam, I want to know: Is this possible with some tricks in KorgGE. Or is there missing too much (like Splines, Stroke Patterns eg.) so that I shouldn't waste my time - and better draw them by hand in some graphic app?

Deactivated User

01/31/2021, 6:11 PM
Dashed strokes are not directly supported and you would have to do that manually. There are tools for mathematically splitting bezier curves, but nothing straight forward. So I'd suggest you to use an external program for that, and create a feature request at github