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07/01/2020, 11:12 AM
📰 Hey guys. Just a small update: Yesterday was my last day in my previous work. As for today I plan to fully work on KorGE 🙂 (but give me a few days to fully be here). I might need some extra money for living while working on KorGE so if you have or find out some stuff that I can do like consulting or developments that are compatible with me continue working on KorGE, please let me know via PM so we can discuss it. Also, my wife @Tamygm21 will be the Social Media Manager of KorGE. She is still not fully fluent in english, so be sympathetic with her mistaeks 🙂 also we will help her as much as we can while allowing her to make social media decisions. @RezMike and me are working on the coding part (RezMike is also working on written tutorial), and @Nico in addition of providing awesome videotutorials is heading KorGE. Keep in mind that except myself than plan to invest full time on it, the rest of the members of the org have their own jobs and responsibilities, so don't push them too much. Let's bring together KorGE to the next level 💪 I plan to invest myself some time fixing known reported bugs in KorGE 1.x. And KorGE 2.0 is already WIP targeting Kotlin 1.4 ⏭️
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Rishav Sharan

07/01/2020, 11:44 AM
Having more of your bandwidth for Korge is always a great news. Don't stretch yourself too much though. Also, welcome @Tamygm21! 🎉
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