Hey people. We are still evaluating the games :vid...
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Hey people. We are still evaluating the games 🎮. Hopefully by the end of weekend we will have a veredict and will publish the results next week asap. Some entries had issues (specially on JS that have a different initial aspect ratio, or on macOS with retina displays where other width/height values other than virtualWidth/virtualHeight have different values). We have been fixing them on korge, marking confusing width/height values as internal or experimental, and/or making PRs with the fixes to each project. As said, those and other potential issues related to korge are not going to count for the evaluation. Thanks for your patience 🙂 😴
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Thanks for the Game Jam. We appreciate your efforts. I think that for all our projects this delay will only benefit. Each of us will get a good and stable portfolio project. Personally, I am ready to wait as long as necessary. Thank!
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Thanks guys. Are you going to create a gameplay video with each game? I'd love it since I had problems with my PC and I haven't been able to play all of them :c
We will try to do so
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