Hey guys how’s it going with the jam? Do you face ...
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Hey guys how’s it going with the jam? Do you face any issues that we should address ? Can we help you in any way with your games ?
Thanks for asking. I’m going to be done with the MVP by today EOD. Hopefully 🙌 Only one issue. I started to testing on JVM, because the game doesn’t updated in the browser. After
released it wokrs fine. Except that one of my scene is out of the browser screen. Also I noticed that my game window isn’t fullscreen on the browser. I tried a few ways, but still the game window doesn’t fit in the browser (on JVM it’s fine). I planned to go trough on the documentation and the video tutorial about the screen resolution again. And also I want to achieve the MVP first, then I’ll take care about the JS build. That’s why I didn’t asked so far. But if you asked it, then here we are 😄 Btw. can I change the virtualWindow if I have scenes? I didn’t found it so far. Other question that can I find the code snippets that are used in the video tutorial? I still didn’t finished with the investigation, so probably I could find the solution alone. But if you know the answer and you have time to share with me, then I would be really happy. 😅
maybe @Deactivated User could help
The part that doesn't fit looks like a bug. Ill investigate. virtualWidth is fixed for all the game. You can use scale to your scene container, but you cannot change the virtualWidth directly Regarding to video snippets. I think they are not available, but we could put those in the description or in a repo or something
Okay, then my assumption was correct that I can’t change the
in the scene container. After you wrote this I updated the sample projects with the latest changes and built the pong to the web. The issue is there. Now I’m a bit calmed that it’s not my fault in this case. I think I’m going to continue to develop for JVM to prevent other time waste. And let’s see later. Thanks for the support and for the continuous fixes. 🙌
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Cool. Continue with JVM. Ill try to fix it (based on pong issue) before the end of tomorrow. So dont worry too much about it. If it works fine on the JVM or JS, thats okay. We can fix that on our side 👍
Great, thanks 🙂
Not a bug. In the case of pong, it was using actualVirtualWidth/Height without using left and top, and without handling resizes. Since the aspect ratio on JS was different, it was not working properly. In this case just changed to virtualWidth/Height and now works fine: https://github.com/korlibs/korge-samples/pull/24
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Thank you for that! I’m going to check if I will have time for that. But I saw that I can submit in the other way. So, maybe I’ll choose that.
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