Just released KorGE ``
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Just released KorGE
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It includes: •
hitTest so you can add mouse events to those views •
.textSize, .font and .color
Hi carlos, how can I know the current version of my korge?
Also how can I update korge to a specific version? I saw the github thread. You suggested to try So how do I specify this version while updating?
If you are using the template generated by IntelliJ IDEA plugin, you can find and update that version via
: https://github.com/korlibs/korge-intellij-plugin/blob/75de52d0ed9ec4ef7c3e828d1fd601b67d31a050/src/main/resources/com/soywiz/korge/intellij/korge-templates.xml#L33
I changed the version in the file, how to run it?
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./gradlew runJvm
no need to have Kotlin installed, just use the tasks available using gradle
thank you carlos. It has downloaded the updates and I can see the image inside the window
is there a way to recompile and run the project automatically when a change is made?
Uhm, not completely. I usually press
on the IDE to re-rerun the last task (instead of using the terminal, you can run the gradle task in the IDE with the gradle panel from the right), also that allows you to put breakpoints on the IDE when running in debug. You might be able to use the continous mode (also useful with JS). https://blog.gradle.org/introducing-continuous-build
./gradlew -t task
<- should watch for changes and re-execute the task. But not sure if that would work on the JVM since when running that blocks the task execution
thank you for the suggestion carlos. I'll try them
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