# compose

Heikki Rauhala

06/16/2022, 7:13 AM
Hi, has anybody else encountered memory leaks within lazy columns embedded deep within a composition? I tried to replicate the problem with on a couple of different versions of compose, but could not. However I know of two completely distinct proprietary projects that leak image references in compose 1.2.0, but not in 1.1.0. The leak is shown by the image loader always loading the images from memory after the first time they have been loaded. We've tried different image loaders with 1.2.0, but that did not make a difference.
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The strange thing is that it is only the images in a lazy container that are held on to. We have a transition to a screen where there's just one image and back up to the lazy container. The one image is loaded from disk even on repeated navigations, but the images in the lazy grid are always loaded from memory regardless of where the user has navigated.