Is there a library function to collect a StateFlow...
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Is there a library function to collect a StateFlow to State without being @Composable? It is, I think, pretty trivial to do myself, but I can imagine it is a pretty common pattern in something like a ViewModel?
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class AppViewModel(val someExternalStateFlow: StateFlow<Something>, val scope: CoroutineScope) {
   private var _state = mutableStateOf(someExternalStateFlow.current)
   val state: Something by _state

   init {
     someExternalStateFlow.onEach { _state.value = it }.launchIn(scope)
Something like this:
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fun <T> StateFlow<T>.collectAsState(scope: CoroutineScope): State<T> {
    val state = mutableStateOf(this.value)
    this.onEach { update -> 
        state.value = update
    return state
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Want to submit a feature request?
A PR in Compose you mean or something? Sure. Since the compose libs are of so high quality, and this missing, was thinking I was convinced I was doing something wrong :)