Is there a way to fix Material3 surface ShadowElev...
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Is there a way to fix Material3 surface ShadowElevation direction ? Depending on the orientation of the phone the shadow is either casted <- or ->. This does not really feels right.
Got a screenshot? Shadows on Android use a more global illumination model that comes from the platform itself, so depending on where on screen the element is, the shadows will be shifted accordingly. If you have a screenshot we could take a look in case something is going off though
Landscape 1
Rotate the phone 180
Shadow is cast in the opposite direction
Android 12 P6 pro
hmm, the left/right shift isn't entirely surprising since the screen is offset left or right similarly with the pillarboxing, but the difference on the top stands out. @Nader Jawad does that look right to you?
So on a phone without a cutout the shadow would be stable ?
Ok so tested on emulator and yes it's stable and looks better 😞
Is there any hack I could use to simulate that with some window attributes ?
Nader might know some associated parameter APIs for shadows here
Ok thanks will wait for his advice then. It's not a very big deal, but since I've seen it I can't unsee, specially after seeing the way better one on no cutout devices.
For reference
this design looks cool tolriq 😄
t in prod now :) I hate this shadow issue. But since it does the same with normal views I doubt anything will be possible :(
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I do recall seeing a related issue but please file a bug and include screenshots/ sample code.
Off the top of my head I can only imagine that some of the graphicsLayers maybe cached a little bit too aggressively but I'm not entirely certain of that. One thing you could try is to use the
overload that takes in a lamba to configure the shadow properties and use do a state read within that lambda/update state to see if it fixes it? Also looking at the screenshot I am assuming this is being rendered within a window/dialog as well? I think that might be related. I would assume if the shadow was configured locally we it might not reproduce?
@Nader Jawad This is happening with a shadowElevation on a M3 surface so in this case no window/dialog. But after more tests this happens also on the view side of things with a normal bottomsheet. The cutoutinset does impact the shadow in all cases. So not sure where I should open the issue since it does not seems to be compose specific after all.