Hey folks, what's up? :wave: I would want to expl...
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Hey folks, what's up? 👋 I would want to explore the possibility of integrate #korge with compose in a near future both integrating a korge view inside a compose application and/or making korge a backend for compose (using composables but rendering them with korge/korim/korgw instead of skia and mixing korge views with compose). Who's the right person to talk with to figure out this? Thanks in advance
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You'll want to look into making a custom applier, I'm trying to do the same thing with Filament
Look at Google maps for compose library for a sample
If you want to sync up with me one of these days, I'd be happy to help out
BTW forgot to drop here. But I implemented it here: https://github.com/korlibs/korge-next/pull/769