I’m getting feedback from my team that their debug...
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I’m getting feedback from my team that their debug builds are unbearably slow for daily development. For example, It’s difficult to eye-check animations since it doesn’t run smoothly anymore, or it’s just slow in general. We understand release or r8'd builds are faster; and is there any way we could somehow speedup debug builds as well?
I would check with your team and check on how they're doing their animations. We have several in our app in debug that are quite performant. I would highly recommend having someone look into this and see if there are any optimizations you could be doing on your composables. I.e Maybe less recompositions somewhere along the line. Sorry I can't be of more help 🙇
I've had performance issues with animation (`Crossfade`s specifically) in debug builds, especially on Android 12 (https://issuetracker.google.com/u/1/issues/207107680). I don't know if they've made progress on this.
Thank you. Yeah it’s actually just the normal animations
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