Hey Guys, I have recently started using Compose an...
# compose
Hey Guys, I have recently started using Compose and I was using previews to show different states of my views. Now Most of my classes in the application are abstractions so I was able to generate mocks for them and use them accordingly to show different states. but in case some of the final classes that I am using have their constructors as internal. as they should not be initialized from outside of the module. How do I use them? and is this the right approach to make these extensive previews? And should I use mocking libraries like Mokito or Mockk to get this done?
Previews typically live not only in the same module but even the same file as the composables they’re previewing, so can call internal code just fine.
Ok and what is you opinion about using mocks over repositories and Use-cases just for previews? is it an overkill and should we be using mocking libraries and doubles in our main packages? Though they would not be a part of release builds after applying proguard
i don’t understand why you have usecases in your UiLayer. You composable functions should receive state only.
Yup you are right. I am breaching layer boundaries. Thank you for the helping me realise that 👍
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