# compose


03/20/2022, 10:55 PM
I'm using this library, is it possible to get a screen that can be collapsed down but displayed on top of another screen? Like the collapsible player in the Youtube app

ildar.i [Android]

03/21/2022, 3:54 AM
You mean like bottomSheets? You can define style for your destination (in annotation)

Ian Lake

03/21/2022, 1:37 PM
If you need something to persist even while you change to a different screen, then that content should never have been a part of your NavHost at all, but its own separate composable at a level outside the NavHost

Rafael Costa

03/28/2022, 5:06 PM
Yeah exactly what both @ildar.i [Android] and @Ian Lake said. If you want simple bottom sheet destination, it will be simple to do with Compose Destinations (I’m the developer behind it btw 👋 ). You can check how to [here]( and read [this also]( If you need something to show above a “screen container” (aka the NavHost), then you need to put some more thought into it, but it will have to be outside the NavHost.
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(worth noting that you’ll have to use a different dependency as explained above that uses Accompanist navigation)