Any plan in restoring Data Table now that Compose ...
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Any plan in restoring Data Table now that Compose has stabilized? it has been removed long ago
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I didn't know that it was "temporarily" removed, that could be a huge news for me if it was reinstated as sometime our designers/clients ask for a similar component and I need to explain to them that right now it's basically not possible (of course, same when we were using Android Views, there are only libs that have also some issues)
but I suppose the answer is here : meaning probably "not now"
For the time being I would call this a 3rd party opportunity 🙂
@Adam Powell I understand that for now it's too much effort to maintain but being part of material design shouldn't it be supported by the material library? Flutter support it
That's up to the material team
And please don't @-mention me or others in thread replies. We already see the thread as unread.
Oh, ok sorry! Will not mention you next time :-) thanks for the answer. Does the material team monitor this slack?
Some of them do, but as you can probably see from the artifact releases, most of the focus is on at the moment
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