I am seeing a strange behaviour with ModalBottomSh...
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I am seeing a strange behaviour with ModalBottomSheetState.. previously when my ModalBottomSheet was on screen and the keyboard is opened, when I tapped to close the keyboard, the keyboard would hide as normal and nothing strange would occur as soon as I updated my Activity to have
, whenever I hide the keyboard while that Modal is currently opened, the Modal re-animates in entirely, creating a really weird feeling UX. I've traced this back to `SwipeableState`'s internal function
which is comparing the old and new anchors (obviously different since the whole container is resized) and then re-animating the Modal from closed to open, even though it was already open has anyone else seen a similar behaviour to this?
This sounds similar to https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/200980998 but would be worth filing an issue about it
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