```I'm having an issue with TextButtons in Compose...
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I'm having an issue with TextButtons in Compose 1.1.0.
When you give a button a background color it takes up a certain rectangular area.
If you add a border it draws a rectangle that is larger vertically.
The problem I'm having is when I add a background Modifier with a gradient fill.
In Compose 1.0.5 the gradient fill takes up the same area as the button background color.
In Compose 1.1.0 the gradient fill takes the larger area the same as the border takes.
This makes very tall ugly buttons. Is there a way to get the older functionality?
wrap your UI in
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CompositionLocalProvider(LocalMinimumTouchTargetEnforcement provides false)
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and don't use code block formatting to write a question, it's much harder to read 🙂
My first question here, guess I hit a wrong icon. I'll keep an eye on that.
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