# compose

Hussain Saad

02/21/2022, 10:11 AM
What android developers actually want in Compose? -Live Relaoding (such a haslte building app again and again) -Drag , drop code creation (similar to Swift UI for less time spent on ui through code) -Need Attributes and Palette Window support for composables as well with drag drop -All recycler view features in Column, Row Widgets


02/21/2022, 10:28 AM
I really don't want or need drag and drop code creation. It only makes developers lazy and if you make a minor mistake you have to edit the code anyway. Live reloading I can imagine it's a high demand feature. For the most part I just make everything without seeing any preview as you can simply guess what the UI looks like by writing code. If I use column and two text fields I know I'll have two text fields below each other. I only preview my UI every 15 minutes or so No idea what you mean with palette window Yes I'd like to see more advanced features built-in the LazyRow/Columns just like SwiftUI. Then again Compose gives freedom whereas SwiftUI is like “this is how you're supposed to do it”.
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