where can I see the matrix of gradle wrapper/ grad...
# compose
where can I see the matrix of gradle wrapper/ gradle plugin/kotlin version/compose version that will work together ?
I don't think the gradle version matters. Just kotlin language version.
and where exactly do you specify this Compose Compiler version?
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composeOptions {
        kotlinCompilerExtensionVersion '1.0.5'
that thing
I put it in android.composeOptions in my build gradle
well now I get this The Compose Compiler requires the Compose Runtime to be on the class path, but none could be found. The compose compiler plugin you are using (version 1.2.0-alpha03) expects a minimum runtime version of 1.0.0.
what’s a runtime version
so now there’s runtime version, compiler version and kotlin version
You also need to add the compose runtime, foundation, material, etc. dependencies.
so at compile time it catches this
ok well that did it
so it’s: compose = true set compose compiler version set kotlin version import deps
That looks right