# compose


02/08/2022, 8:40 PM
Hi all, i have a legacy app that has 3 screens: custom splashcreen, Login, Main. The starting point is the splashscreen where i make a network request to check credentials stored locally. If they are valid move to Main else Move to Login. I would like to transition to default splashscreen api and compose navigation. What should be my start page? Login or Main? Where should i do the credential check (splashscreen? Login ? Main?)
1 - if i check credentials during the splashscreen it means i will define a dynamic start route wich will either be the login page or the main page depending on the check result 2 - if i do it on the login page it will show this temporary page while i am checking tue credentials. That is what i am trying to avoid 3- make the main page the starting page?
What i would like to avoid is to have to show a loading/processing for the network call at either login or main page