Hi. I wonder if there is a way to retrieve a seman...
# compose
Hi. I wonder if there is a way to retrieve a semantic object within a test and assert its values.
Say I have a composable with a text like this:
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val ItemKey = SemanticsPropertyKey<Item>("Item")
var SemanticsPropertyReceiver.item by ItemKey

data class Item(val id: Int, val name: String)

    modifier = Modifier.semantics {
        this.testTag = "test"
        this.item = Item(99, "TestXXX")
    text = "My text"
And now in my test, I want to retrieve the
object and assert its values
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composeTestRule.onNodeWithTag("test").assert(???, 99)
Anyone has a tip for how to do that?
There are other SemanticsMatchers for other things, and you can write your own assertions - just look at how the ones in the stdlib are implemented
Nice, that's easier than I thought for once ­čÖé Thanks for the help, I appreciate it
For reference if someone else is looking for this. you can create your own assert helper method. for above example it could look like this
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fun SemanticsNodeInteraction.assertItem(description: String, check: (Item) -> Boolean) {
    assert(SemanticsMatcher(description) {
and then i can write my tests like this
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composeTestRule.onNodeWithTag("test").assertItem("Checking id") {
    it.id == 99