:wave: Is there any way to have a `Lazycolumn` ins...
# compose
👋 Is there any way to have a
inside an
, contained in a ScrollView(in an xml layout)? it seems there is no way around the exception of
Nesting scrollable in the same direction layouts like LazyColumn and Column(Modifier.verticalScroll()) is not allowed.
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One of the most complicated topics for me till now is nestedScroll.
If you set the abstract compose view to match parent, do you need the scroll view ? Won't the lazy column handle the scrolling ? And then any Android xml view you need can be placed inside the lazy column ?
I cannot do that, as this is an old screen I don’t have the time to rewrite now, and thought of adding extra features with AbstractComposeView. But it seems there is no way to go around the nested scroll exception within a xml view. 🥲 Otherwise this is exactly what I would do, a LazyColumn, with another nested LazyColumn inside an