Is it possible to align text inside Row, verticall...
# compose
Is it possible to align text inside Row, vertically and by baseline ?
the two together don’t seem to work
You should be able to align different Composables individually with Modifiers, instead of the whole thing from the
parameters. For example:
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Row {
    Text("text 1", Modifier.align(Alignment.CenterVertically))
    Text("text 2", Modifier.alignByBaseline())
The Row has weight(1f, true), so i need row verticalAlignment = CenterVertically, but siblins by baseline
as soon as i add baseline, the vertical one is disregarded
i managed to do it, wrapping the row in a box. idk if there is a better way
alignByBaseline disregards Row verticalAligment
I'm not 100% sure, but that seems like that's how it's supposed to work. There is only 1 "alignment" applied to children of the row, either coming from the Row, or from a child's Modifier (which would naturally override the parent, as it's more specific). They don't get composited together. So you'd have to align the children within the Row, and then have the Row height wrap its content so it can be aligned within its parent
ya. wrapping in a box works. i think this is also not possible as it is. thanks!