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01/21/2022, 5:35 PM
Is there a way to prevent gestures on a ModalBottomSheet? I would like only a button to be able to open/close the bottom sheet and not any drag gestures.

Hitesh Chopra

05/09/2022, 11:12 AM
@Anthony I have a similar use-case, need to prevent the closure of bottom-sheet whenever the user clicks outside of the bottom-sheet or in technical terms, prevent gestures on a ModalBottomSheet. There is an open issue for the same I noticed that the ModalBottomSheet calls the sheetState,hide() method after it detects any gestures
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Modifier.pointerInput(onDismiss) { detectTapGestures { onDismiss() } }
And onDimiss() is
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scope.launch { sheetState.hide() }
While testing, by commenting this line out I was able to achieve the required behaviour. So I think a flag can be added for the same as @jossiwolf recommended in the issue comments Have raised a PR for the same. If anyone can look into it 😅 Btw @Anthony how were you able to achieve your expected behaviour then?