# compose

Simon Stahl

01/19/2022, 8:01 PM
Hey everyone. I am looking for recommendations for animations between separate Composables - animate something from one Composable to another (details in comments)
I have a screen with two separate composbles on it. One is a LazyRow containing some images and below is a second one with some text. I would like to animate one of the images out of the LazyRow into the second composable
I have a state with a vale from 0 to 1 that i can use for the animation. The blue component should move from position 1 to position 2 depending on the state
the two ideas that i had so far are 1. leave the image where it is in the compose tree and use offset and size to move it to the second location 2. as soon as the animation starts, remove the image from the original location and overlay the whole screen with a transparent layer that only contains the image and can be used to move it around
neither seems ideal. Any better recommendations?