Should Scaffold be used in every screen (ProfileSc...
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Should Scaffold be used in every screen (ProfileScreen, HomeScreen, ...) or should it only be used once at the top level with some logic to fit with each screen?
Both can work ☺️ It's up to you. (I don't know of any limitation that would prefer one way or the other)
I prefer to use a Scaffold at the top-level to host the bottom navigation, and then also a nested
in each screen for the top app bar. The tweaked
version supplied in Accompanist Insets is actually built for that use-case, as it compounds the content padding which is necessary for inset handling.
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I can vouch for this as well. I have two apps that use bottom nav, and so using a scaffold is handy at the top level for that, but I actually put in a TopAppBar on each screen as it gives me the most flexibility with animations etc