Hey all. I’ve got an issue with instrumented tests...
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Hey all. I’ve got an issue with instrumented tests running on Github Actions, where the compose
is failing. I’m wondering if it’s possible that there could be a problem with these compose assertions running against a headless emulator? The tests seem to run fine on various emulators when I run them locally. Just not quite sure where to look to figure this one out..
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com.myapp.android.ui.components.OnboardingUserFlowTest > introToLearnMoreNavigation[test(AVD) - 10] FAILED 
	java.lang.AssertionError: Failed to perform isDisplayed check.
	Reason: Expected exactly '1' node but could not find any node that satisfies: (TestDescription = 'Learn More Screen' (ignoreCase: false))
Well, I spun up a headless instance on my mac and the tests still succeed locally. Not sure what’s going on.
Oh, it looks like it’s just one test that is failing. I mistakenly thought they were all failing. I’ll have to keep digging.