Hey all (i’ve asked this before, but haven’t gotte...
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Hey all (i’ve asked this before, but haven’t gotten a response). I have a scrollable column with a text input in it. When i focus on it, the keyboard comes up and obscures the text field. I presume it’s because it’s resizing the content view and doesn’t forcibly bring the focused control into view. I’m struggling with how to get this to happen.
Thanks @Pedro André
This solution works sometimes for me. not sure why it’s not working in the one particular use case though.
Perhaps it’s the bottom anchored buttons that are causing the issue.
i have two buttons anchored at the bottom of the page that don’t scroll with the content, and those get moved up when the resize occours because there’s less space. SO i think the “bringIntoView” is getting confused, or it’s just some timing issues or something.
i do have an alternate solution for that case at least though, but it’s ugly