# compose

Piotr Prus

12/13/2021, 7:03 PM
Anyone knows any open source app that uses compose and mapView? I know the crane sample app, but I need a sample that uses maps and bottomNavBar or something similar that save states. I have a problem retaining mapview state on fragment recreation.

John O'Reilly

12/13/2021, 7:30 PM
Not sure if it's exactly what you need (or does things as they're supposed to!) but am using MapView/Compose in following

Piotr Prus

12/13/2021, 7:57 PM
Thanks John! I am familiar with your project. I am also not sure, if this is the think I am looking for. Maybe I am searching for something that do not exist. 😛 I am trying to remember the map state without this initial zoom effect. You have that in galwayBus. When you switch from favourite, back to map, there is this one second effect when map is recreated/render. I would like to have that in memory already, not load it each time when screen is changed. Maybe my vision of this is anti-pattern?
Also, when switching back and forth many times (around 20), the app looses the framerate. The map is rendered each time and I think that causes the slow down. On older phones it start to slow down after just a few switches.