Regarding kotlin version 1.6.0. I've been out of t...
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Regarding kotlin version 1.6.0. I've been out of the loop for a bit, but now I updated my project to latest compose 1.1.0-beta04 and it requires kotlin 1.6.0. Weren't there a bunch of things that were broken because of kotlin 1.6.0? Should I just hold off on compose beta04? it doesn't even look like AS has a 1.6.0 kotlin plugin?
Every major release breaks things, overall enough things are working that we were able to upgrade, and if we're able to upgrade, that should a good sign for you too.
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I probably wouldn't wait, unless there is a particular bug that you know is impacting you and preventing you from upgrading.
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What about I thought, this issue was the (main) reason for 1.6.10? But androidx already uses 1.6.0?
That issue is MPP-only and IIRC Jetpack Compose published by Google isn’t multiplatform (KMP plugin isn’t used) so the issue is irrelevant.
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