If I have a `LazyList` with a column that contains...
# compose
If I have a
with a column that contains several sub-items (e.g. inside a card). How can I optimize it such that the nested items arent recomposed all the time? Im seeing 3 recompositions each time the list is recomposed, taking up about 15 ms each; since Im also using a pager, the same process is repeated for pages to the left/right of the current one, effectively taking up 135 ms everytime the list recomposes.
What Ive tried: • Marking the data with
• Using `ReusableContent`/`key(x){}` around the column items
Have you tried a release build?
@Colton Idle Yep, all of this is on a release build, R8 etc
Curious, how are you measuring the durations?
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val duration = measureTimeMillis {
    // Render stuff
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