I'm trying compose material3, I've read <here> tha...
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I'm trying compose material3, I've read here that we are supposed to keep both Material2 and Material3 libraries together right now. I'd rather not, but I need an
do you know of any library or snipped of code that port material 2 textfield to material 3? Thanks
I solve it like this for now (I ignored the colors that isn't needed for my usecase)
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        value = offset,
        onValueChange = { offset = it },
        colors = SliderDefaults.colors(
            thumbColor = MaterialTheme.colorScheme.primary,
            activeTrackColor = MaterialTheme.colorScheme.primary,
            activeTickColor = MaterialTheme.colorScheme.onPrimary.copy(alpha = SliderDefaults.TickAlpha)
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