Sometimes `@Immutable/@Stable` is inferred (e.g. f...
# compose
is inferred (e.g. for strings); is there a list with these types somewhere?
Just what I was looking for. Thank you @Csaba Kozák!
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How are you even seeing that things are inferred as immutable or stable? Is it some gradle flag or something like that?
I created a small playground composable and tested if it is recomposed with the same inputs. Like here.
@Stylianos Gakis A gradle flag/plugin would be neat, not sure if it would trigger paralysis by overanalysis though. I just read about it in the source code (same as @Csaba Kozák linked to above) a while back, hence the question!
I lowkey wanted to see if someone was using what Zach was suggesting here and actually got it to work, because this seems like it could even help you out with your question. But I can also see the problem it would bring with overanalysis. It’s just that if I were to go to the extent of writing out code snippets like Csaba did to test something out, I’d rather just flip the flag and see the compiler output itself, it’d probably be faster.
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