how can I find a mobile design with assets? It’s f...
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how can I find a mobile design with assets? It’s for learning purposes.
Thanks. I am looking for a real life challenge, something similar to dribbble designs.
The Compose dev challenges have mockups and all the assets you'd need to make them. There are three different apps. I think it's probably along the lines of what you're looking for.
You could also find the View based implementations of the Material studies and redo them in Compose
But I would +1 again to using the Compose Dev Challenges for learning - we specifically designed them so that one should be able to finish each from start to finish in roughly 3-5 hours, which ended up panning out in reality when we ran the challenges. If you need a challenge, I'd try to implement all three as they are different designs and have unique aspects to each. And we include all the design assets/specs:
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We actually use them internally to help new team members onboard to Compose