1 year ago
    I’m having problems using Hilt injection into custom Compose view. I’m using this as an entry point.
    class CustomComposeView(context: Context) 
        : AbstractComposeView(context, null, 0)
    But I’m getting an error:
    The base class, 'androidx.compose.ui.platform.AbstractComposeView', of the @AndroidEntryPoint, 'com.example.CustomComposeView', contains a constructor with default parameters. This is currently not supported by the Gradle plugin. Either specify the base class as described at <https://dagger.dev/hilt/gradle-setup#why-use-the-plugin> or remove the default value declaration.
    I cannot modify the base class because I don’t own it and I don’t understand where should I specify the base class. Any ideas?


    6 months ago
    👋 I’m running into the same error on a custom compose view, did you ever find a fix for this?