I have a simple screen that is a Box that has a si...
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I have a simple screen that is a Box that has a single button that is algined to the bottom. This works fine. Then I have a root application wrapper composable that has a BottomNavigation and when I navigate to this screen with the box, the bottom navigation should hide. The bottom navigation hides with a 2 second tween. When the tween completes the Screen with the Box jumps down because there is now more area in the screen. I thought the solution was simple. Add
to the box, but it causes the entire screen to (seemingly) animate upwards. How can I make this Box screen with a bottom button smoother when it's parent expands vertically (i.e. bottomNavigation hides). Thanks!
I feel like... in the best case scenario my fillMaxSize on the Box would take the bottomNavigation space into account and so there wouldn't be any jumping at all. The bottom nav would simply move out of the way, and all other screen would just also draw under the bottomNav and make sure there's enough padding. Edit: So instead of using a scaffold, I just use a box to hold my content = AppRouter and bottomNav and I think that's what I will end up going with (unless someone knows a good reason to not do that?)