Anton Dmytryshyn

08/15/2021, 2:28 AM
Has anyone else experienced a BottomSheetScaffold opening when the content in it changes sizes? I have a BottomSheetScaffold which observes a value, and based on the value the ui changes, standard stuff. However, the BottomSheetScaffold keeps opening when the ui changes, yet I would like for it to stay closed.

Colton Idle

08/15/2021, 3:01 AM
Haven't experienced that. Do you have some minimal code to show that repros the issue?

Anton Dmytryshyn

08/15/2021, 3:03 AM
I'm working on it rn, hopefully I'll be able to mimic it

Alexander Black

08/15/2021, 6:38 PM
I had it happen when I put a NavHost inside the bottom sheet. It would just automatically open without me ever sliding it up. Very odd. Still trying to figure out why that’s happening