regarding indications: Since last I looked at this...
# compose
regarding indications: Since last I looked at this the logic has been changed. Is there a way to change the indication of a material compose components? Button doesn’t expose and previously I could set my own provider. On that same subject how do I change the rippleTheme?
is a rather thin wrapper over a
which, if you want to vary from the material theme, you can use instead or create your own button that calls
like the material button does. The intent of the material components are to make it easy to construct a UI that conforms to the material specification. They only provide the customization that are allowed by the material specification and not intended to be arbitrarily customizable. If you need to significantly diverge from the material specification, such as providing a different indicator, you are free to use the underlying helper components such as
which takes the indicator as a parameter.
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I looked into the impl and it looks straightforward from there. I do like a lot of what the material button was doing so I was trying to understand how flexible it’s meant to be, as the material design library have evolved to be more configurable. I see that I can override the Indication with a modifier, and also create my own
using a
For some reason my own indication is not called, but my custom ripple theme is.