Richard Z

    1 year ago
    AlertDialog’s KDocs says that title’s style defaults to “h6”, and text defaults to “body1"… but the actual AlertDialogContent code defaults title to “subtitle1” and text defaults to “body2"… The Material Design guidelines suggest h6 and body1. Curious if this is a code bug or a change to the theming guidelines?
    Since I’m assuming h6/body1 are correct, I created an “AppAlertDialog” that just calls AlertDialog but wraps
    with ProvdeTextStyle to specify different default styles.
    Apprently subtitle1/body2 match “internal specs”… more info here: https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/191544662 Was surprising to me, since I’m used to dialogs having a bold title, but subtitle1 isn’t bold by default.