Does Compose have a concept to explicitly ask for ...
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Does Compose have a concept to explicitly ask for a recomposition? I am currently using some dummy state for that but that looks awkward.
Why do you need to trigger recomposition? Typically if this comes up there’s something else that’s probably wrong
What @Zach Klippenstein (he/him) [MOD] said. That said, if you still think you need it,
will give you an object with an invalidate method on it
Recomposition is not an event handler
Well, I think I still need it. You have to consider that in the real world not all code is written from scratch and is not always written with Compose in mind. I have some code which encapsulates a lot of canvas drawing in a generic way and maintains its own state internally. I have however a callback which I can use to be notified about repaint requests and that leads me to the question of how to best hook this up with Compose.
True invalidation is fine, some people tend to use recomposition as a replacement for setting up a flow collector or other event-driven actor
If you're only invalidating drawing you'll want to avoid a full recomposition like the currentRecomposeScope mentioned above will trigger, I don't recall if there's an analog in the drawing APIs or not. If not you could use something like assigning Unit to a mutableStateOf with neverEqualPolicy or something similar
That sounds a bit like what I am doing already right now and what looks ugly. If it does not exist yet, wouldn’t you think that introducing an explicit API for that purpose would make sense? (hint)