Paul Woitaschek

    Paul Woitaschek

    1 year ago
    I'm running into issues between ComposeView interop:
    ViewTreeLifecycleOwner not set for this ComposeView
    This is because the transition manager detaches the view for transitions:
    at android.view.ViewGroupOverlay.add(
            at androidx.transition.ViewGroupOverlayApi18.add(
            at androidx.transition.Visibility.onDisappear(
            at androidx.transition.Visibility.createAnimator(
            at androidx.transition.Transition.createAnimators(
            at androidx.transition.Transition.playTransition(
            at androidx.transition.TransitionManager$MultiListener.onPreDraw(
    Is this a known thing?


    1 year ago
    We ran into this when trying to use the default functionality (allowing ComposeView to find owners from the host Activity) too. If you set them explicitly this problem goes away.
    If you're using some other framework, ex conductor, you should probably be explicitly setting these based on the lifecycle of the host component anyway, rather than relying on the Activity
    Paul Woitaschek

    Paul Woitaschek

    1 year ago
    Conductor... Can you tell me more about that? 😒miling_face_with_3_hearts: