# compose

Piotr Prus

03/04/2021, 9:41 PM
I do not know, if that is intended behaviour or bug, but detectGesture has change from alpha12 to beta01 for scrollable widgets. I have a BottomSheetScaffold, where bottomSheet is a
, additionally I got a
on it to detect when the dragGesture (scroll) actually happens. In alpha12, the dragGesture was detected on that column, but on Beta01, the
is never called. However , if the
is called on child composable of that column, everything works fine. Is that a bug or intended behavior for scrollable columns? (Tested also for LazyColumns, which works exactly the same.
In case, someone will search this chat for an answer: The order of modifiers matter now (in beta01).
works properly, if it is called after
, not before as it was in previous versions of compose.