Could you boldly clarify that compose beta doesn't...
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Could you boldly clarify that compose beta doesn't mean ready-to-use? I see many voices where people think that it's now production ready. That's because there is this kind of google definition of stable which has established over the last year. By that definition beta is already stable but api changes can occur. But the compose beta seems to rather match the regular definition of beta.
They discussed this specifically in the compose beta release show today. Here's the timestamp to the question and answer:

Basically, compose is not in stable. It's in beta. The api shouldn't break anymore. But there's still work to be done, and you should know the trade-offs before adopting it.
I know that, I just want this information to be more public because people will start using it right now in production
officially in Beta and ready to use starting today
More public than a public launch show? They said you can use it right now in production if you understand the trade offs. I'm shipping my "about screen" in compose since alpha 9 since I understand the trade offs. I don't really think they can hold anyones hand more than they are doing now. "It depends"
This isn't the 90's, not everyone watches videos, this needs to be prominent in the blog post / compose introduction
lol what does the 90s and watching videos have to do with this? They had a blog post too Do you have any other questions this doesn't answer?
With this beta release, Compose is API complete and has all the features you need to build production-ready apps. Beta also means API stable, so we won’t change or remove APIs. Now is a great time to start learning Compose and begin planning for how you will use it in an upcoming project or feature once it reaches 1.0 later this year.
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