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Colton Idle

02/25/2021, 4:01 AM
I know many people have congratulated the compose team on the beta milestone today. As someone that hasn't used it much but has tried to stay up to date (using this slack channel), this video about Lists in Compose (

) is truly mind blowing. • Displaying a list of items with just a forEach statement 🤯 • Convert that list to lazy list swapping a few characters 🤯 • Adding headers by to list items adding ~5 lines of code 🤯 • Convert those headers to sticky with a single keyword 🤯 • Animate button visibility on user scrolling with ~5 lines 🤯 I knew Compose was going to be great. I had no idea it was going to be this amazing. This is the highlight to my 2020/2021 and completely changes the game on how we build. The entire compose team (and anyone else that has had a hand in this) should feel beyond proud to deliver something this magnificent. 🦜 Congrats! Hope you all can take a bit of a break and get some rest 😅
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02/25/2021, 4:02 AM
why not LazyColumn { items( // list of objects) { Text() }

Colton Idle

02/25/2021, 4:03 AM
wut? @itnoles I think you maybe posted in a wrong thread. This is a congratulatory post/thread.