Compose provides wrappers around common image load...
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Compose provides wrappers around common image loading libraries? Where do I find that?
Thanks. I didn't know that was "official".
Chris is a devrel on Android. So official-ish :)
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in my gradle dependencies I'd add it under the section for "2nd party dependencies" along with firebase stuff lol. Though in terms of trust it's higher than firebase.
Glad to know it was accompanist and I wasn't missing out on something else. Thanks for clarifying
If I'm not mistaken, the Accompanist image loader wrapper libs also exist very much because during the alpha period, Compose APIs changed a lot, and it was unreasonable to expect the Coil/Glide/whatever devs to keep their libraries up-to-date with the latest alpha all the time. With stable APIs, I guess the chances are at least higher that something like this will be taken over by the respective devs to take over something like this?