Kshitij Patil

01/27/2021, 4:44 AM
Is there compose release today?
I really need a release with keyboard glitch fixed. Can I use any snapshot which has no severe breaks


01/27/2021, 5:13 AM
There has been a lot of discussion internally about where the break was introduced and if/when the break got fixed. Apparently it is really hard to bisect. So unfortunately I'm not sure which snapshots to recommend. There is some reason to believe the latest snapshot is better than the build that was bundled into the internal RC, so if I were you, that's probably what I'd choose. The breakage is related to clicks occasionally not getting registered in the emulator. We don't yet know if it impacts physical devices, but so far we haven't seen much evidence of real devices being wrong. If you're just developing and are aware of the issue, you could probably choose the latest snapshot and it might work for you; if you hit the issue, you'll know to ignore any click related issues until next alpha release.

Kshitij Patil

01/27/2021, 5:18 AM
Okay, will give latest snapshot a try. @cb will that work with Accompanist? I've dependency on accompanist-insets too.
It was pretty obvious but I tried to integrate latest compose snapshot and accompanist snapshot but failed to make it work. It throws this exception


01/27/2021, 6:15 PM
If you use a snapshot version of Compose, you usually need a snapshot version of Accompanist too: