Hi. I try to put some CustomView that extended Ed...
# compose
Hi. I try to put some CustomView that extended EditText. It’s work fine except backspace doesn’t delete current text. Anyone found this problem before? This is simple Example Code
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fun TestScreen() {
    val context = AmbientContext.current

    val nativeView = remember {
            .apply {
                layoutParams = ViewGroup.LayoutParams(MATCH_PARENT, WRAP_CONTENT)
                addTextChangedListener {


    Column(modifier = Modifier.fillMaxWidth()) {
        Text(text = "Some Label")
        AndroidView(viewBlock = { nativeView })
        Text(text = "Some Text")
I can reproduce in this case Pixel2XL Android11 -> Keyboard ManMan But in below list.  It’s work fine Pixel2XL Android11  -> GKeyboard Oneplus7t Pro Android10  -> Keyboard ManMan Oneplus7t Pro Android10  -> GKeyboard
@Shakil Karim Yes, I follow this document.
Sounds like you're saying the backspace mostly works, except on some combinations of device+keyboard, is that correct? Just to be clear, if you are not using Compose but just have a regular android hierarchy including the EditText, does the ManMan keyboard work on the Pixel2XL Android11? Trying to ensure this is in fact a Compose issue and not unrelated to Compose, so we can triage correctly.
Also curious if this is physical devices or also visible on emulators. The later being much easier for us to get our metaphorical hands on and debug.
Issue happen in real device, Keyboard Manman works normally in regular xml layout