Today I tried Jetpack Compose. While it looks prom...
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Today I tried Jetpack Compose. While it looks promising, has anyone noticed how long it is to update a composable
? It takes almost a minute to render each change, and I'm using a decent laptop. Also, is it required to rebuild project to update preview ?
compose is still in alpha, so it's not too surprising to see some slowness. while I don't know the team's specific plans, I would expect them to make improvements during beta and before the 1.0 release
Hope to reach Flutter level hot reload
Compose will never reach flutter level hot reload, that was one of the main reasons why Dart was chosen for flutter instead of Kotlin.
Well, it was not chosen, it was developed this way to support interop mode on level of VM
an issue has been open here and marked as P1 priority. feel free to add more info if you want to !
Oooh. More people should star that issue!
It looks as a some specific issue, it may be a some bug, but also just slow project to compile (because of many reasons). preview can be as fast as Kotlin compiler, so improving compilation time will improve preview refresh speed
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