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Najib Ghadri

10/31/2020, 1:59 PM
Hello dear community! I have a question regarding Compose, Firestore and Flutter. I don't mind opinionated answers, even though I know you don't like them, however I have been planning on my app for quite some time and I need help in taking the best decision. (I have read previous questions here regarding this, but I thought I need to ask.) I will be starting building an e-commerce-like app myself, and I plan a release for not earlier than next year March/April. I've been following the progress in Flutter for a year now and I leaned back to go back to native Android for the first release. I also knew about jetpack and compose, and saw that it's not production ready yet. I like the development efficiency of both Jetpack compose and Flutter, but both are not production ready compose being less. However I feel like Compose could be supported more fundamentally in the long run, since it is the native platform. Another thing is, I have been looking around how to use Firestore with Compose, but couldn't find anything, is this integration possible currently? Considering that I will use Firebase services, the current state of compose, my release date (and if you have any familiarity with Flutter) what is your opinionated suggestion, which platform should I/ I shouldn't start building on? Android Kotlin native, Jetpack compose, Flutter? Thank you.

Grigorii Yurkov

10/31/2020, 2:40 PM
Firebase should not influence your decision (if we are choosing between Android Kotlin native and Compose) because it does not affect UI
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I think, you should be willing to spend much more time if you chose compose because of experience and documentation lack.
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10/31/2020, 3:23 PM
Looking long term looks like Koltin Multiplatform with Compose / SwiftUI so that is what we are building today ...
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Najib Ghadri

11/02/2020, 12:41 PM
Okay, then if I ask it this way: Should I use Flutter or Compose if I want a production-ready app for early next year? 🙂 I like Compose a lot more! But so what do you think?
Like okay, maybe I need to spend more time now with Compose, but the way I looked at it it's pretty usable. I come from react js, flutter, android native, so I am not scared. But the question is, is it possible to build a production app in it?
Suppose I will need to use Firebase SDK, Google maps, incoming /outgoing intents (I guess this is navigation) , state management, camera and gallery usage, background notifications, and i18n ie translations. I don't need nothing too fancy like animations, or extra native functions.
Thank you in advance @channel 💙🧡💙